Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-10 um 22.16.21_3

Response to film “Deakin: Double Exposures, Exchanges with Francis Bacon”, invited speaker. Research seminar: Multiple Meanings – photographic double exposures in the work of John Deakin, Francis Bacon and Daniella Zalcman, Paul Mellon Centre, London, 15 June 2016. More info

“Tearing One Another Apart”: Denis Wirth-Miller and Francis Bacon, Conference: The Not-So-Silent Partner: Artistic Practice and Collaboration, Part I, 103rd annual CAA conference, New York, 13 February 2015. More info

Aesthetics of Transparency – Francis Bacon and X-ray photography, Conference: ‘in:flux 1845-1845 A Century in Motion’, University of Birmingham, 27 June 2013. More info

The Image Bank – On Photography and Print Media in Francis Bacon’s Studio, Symposium: ‘Francis Bacon’s Library and its Role in his Art’, Trinity College Dublin & Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, 20 October 2012. More info

Francis Bacon and David Cronenberg. The Inner Beauty and Other Aspects, Public lecture: Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, 25 October 2009, on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Francis Bacon A Terrible Beauty’. More info on the exhibition

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